Leadership Coaching

As the CEO or the Business Owner, you are the leader, the role model, and the host of your organization. Your company is a reflection of your mindset, your capabilities, and your limitations. You can multiply your impact and results when you unleash your potential as an individual, AND when you enable others to co-lead with you at different levels of the the organization. This requires a different type of leadership.

I work with you one on one, through coaching, to fully uncover your pre-existing, innate capacity to lead.

As an Independent contributor or a Team member, it is time to self-manage your own career and life, because following someone else’s roadmap is no longer an option.  This requires completely different mindset, knowledge and skills from how we have been trained in traditional classrooms.

I work with you through 1-on-1 or team coaching, to identify how to become the leader of yourself.

Miracle Retreat

Many people focus on symptoms of problems, not realizing it is much easier to eliminate root cause. Many people are conditioned to conform and seek approval, not realizing that is a recipe for suffering. Many people are used to follow predefined paths, not comfortable to cope with changes. Many people are more willing to be told what to do than to take full responsibility of their own actions.

Through off-site retreats and follow-up coaching, I help teams understand how the mind really works separate from intellect; where creative forces come from; where stress originates and who is responsible for our life experiences. Once understood (usually after one retreat), changes begin naturally and effortlessly. The result is a total transformation in increased self-confidence, resilience, and motivation to take personal responsibility for actions and for relationships with others.


Conventional organizations have been operating with a manufacturing mentality – Predict (outcome), Manage (resources, including human resource) and Control (processes).  This worked well in industrial economy but stifles creativity and reduces flexibility in knowledge economy.

In a knowledge economy, a different mindset is required – curious, open, flexible and trusting.  Knowledge workers thrive in workplaces that are open and safe space for authenticity, creativity, diversity and imperfection.  In other words, they need self-management organizations that value autonomy, support and collaboration – organizations guided by principles and agreements, not rules and commends.

Through consultation and workshop facilitation, I help you develop the ‘glue’ that unites people within your organization.

Evolutionary Purpose

Purpose is the ‘WHY’ that attracts competent and self-motivated people to an organization. This is the direction and the meaning behind every project and endeavor. This is what propels independent individuals to move in the same direction in unison. Purpose evolves continuously because people grow and environment changes.

I facilitate your discovery of organizational purpose based on collective self-awareness of each individual.