It is my passion to help women lead lives fully expressed and fully lived.  When women are empowered and reach our true potential, we become better spouses, parents, professionals, and leaders.  We drive changes in every part of society.

In association with a group of professionally trained and certified coaches, we offer a 3-month coaching program to selected women from around the world at significantly discounted rate.   We truly believe coaching can exponentially accelerate a person’s self-discovery and personal growth.  Our goal is to help women become future leaders for organizations, private businesses, communities and their families through professional coaching.

What Is In This Program?

It is a 3 months of coaching via phone or Skype, by experienced and certified coaches. It includes:

  • One initial two hour discovery session to define goal, explore values, identify barriers and purpose.
  • Two hour of coaching per month for three months to work towards your goal and overcome challenges.

Through the generosity of our coaches, we are able to offer this program at fraction of our normal prices.

What Are the Selection Criteria?

  • Women of any age committed to create positive changes in the world.
  • Dedicated to her self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Willing to venture out of her comfort zone, to make mistakes.
  • Open to challenges, feedback, self-reflection and to live consciously.
  • Willing to be authentic and to share her thoughts and emotions with her coach.
  • Has realistic expectation about coaching.

Who Can Apply?

The program is open to women living anywhere in the world, who manage non-profit organizations, social enterprises or projects with social causes, locally or globally, yet cannot afford normal coaching services.

For more information, please contact me