How To Identify Teal Leaders?

Conventional organizations often assess talents based on tangible capabilities, such as knowledge, skills, and past experiences. What's missing is one of the intangible aspects required to understand a whole person - the mindset or action logic (the logic behind one's actions), which is crucial in identifying a person's strengths, especially [...]

When Someone Believes In Us

The most prestigious university in China recently admitted a student with outstanding qualifications, yet unusual background.  Standing out from over 7 million annual applicants doesn't make him special.  The fact that he comes from a poverty stricken remote mountain village while his future classmates mostly come from privileged background is still [...]

Roles of a Teal CEO

If everyone self-manages in a Teal organization, is there any reason to have a CEO? I believe so.  A CEO is still required to represent the company legally and in public with the extended world.  Far from being a figurehead, a Teal CEO plays extremely important roles within the organization. [...]