Why Relevant

You are a business leader who thinks independently. You are curious and you have an open mind. You are conscious of the impact you make and the responsibility you have as an individual, and as part of an organization, living in an interconnected world. You recognize there is a spiritual dimension in human existence.

You want to produce excellent business results while caring for people. You want better performance without additional stress. You want more flexibility and a faster response to volatile and competitive markets but with reasonable cost.

Is this possible?

The answer is a resounding YES! And with much less effort than you might expect.

We can’t solve problems with the same thinking we used that created them.

                                                                           – Albert Einstein

Our society is undergoing tremendous changes.  Conversely, our education systems, organizational structure, and mindset, often remain in the last century.  People have been conditioned to follow rules, take orders, and seek approval, instead of being recognized as the unique and dynamic individuals.

The truth is human beings are capable of achieving the unimaginable when they have the right mindset and placed in the right environment.  Recognizing these two factors can open our eyes to a whole new world and transform the way we approach businesses.

There are two paths.  One is doing business as usual and eventually becoming obsolete.  The other is full of joy, peace, in-flow moments and miraculous business results.

Which path will you choose?

What to Expect

I help leaders ready for a paradigm shift to transform the way they do business.  So they can create business miracles with resources they already have within their organizations.

This means they are open to the possibility that human beings have tremendous innate intelligence in addition to intellectual capabilities.  It is possible to work less and achieve more, if we step back and see the big picture.  We are far more capable, creative and collaborative by design than we can even comprehend with current level of understanding.  We have not yet tapped into even a fraction of our human potential.

The result of our life is entirely, yes entirely, the result of our thinking (and feeling) – that includes how we see and interact with ourselves, with others (people and events) and how we manange these interactions.  Our thinking expressed through our actions creates our reality.  When we understand this and the fact that an organization is simply a collection of people, we will realize that the quality of a business (organizational culture and business result), depends on the quality of thinking by its leader and its teams.

To tap into the tremendous human poential, we focus on internal resources – the mind or the conscious and sub-consicous thought patterns, instead of external resources – skills, tools and pre-packaged advice, which will come naturally.

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Who am I

My name is Maggie Lu.  I am a business coach dedicated to helping leaders achieve the extraordinary by recognizing and tapping into the wisdom and potential of people.

Ten years ago, I helped a start-up company operate through employee self-management without hierarchy.  We had no job title.  We self-defined projects and compensations.  In three years, we grew our company from three people with zero revenue, into a $40 million company selling products to over 100 countries.

After experiencing the challenge, the success and the impact of self-management, I became fascinated by the role that human mind plays in business success.  Subsequently, I went on a quest to discover the underlining principles of this unconventional business approach and how behavioral psychology, quantum physics, organizational structure, and spirituality influence results in people and companies.

Fortunately, there is an answer.  And a simple one.

I am committed to sharing this simple understanding with a wide business audience.

In the past 20 years, I have managed global businesses, projects, and cross-cultural teams for Fortune 100, and start-up companies on four continents. In my own transition from an engineer to a business executive to a professional leadership coach, life has offered me an integrated understanding of paradoxes – east with west, business with spirituality, logic with intuition, and discipline with humanity.  The result is a holistic view and my unique perspectives about business and people.


  • MBA from Harvard Business School
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from Coaches Training Institute
  • Master Trainer from Association for Talent Development
  • Co-Active Leadership Program from CTI
  • Trained Practitioner of BrainsKey™
  • Trained Practitioner of Insight Principles
  • Authorized Consultant of Leadership Development Profile 
  • Certified Coach of International Coach Federation


  • Responsible for international strategy and operations that counted for 60% of a $40 million company, achieved in 3 years.
  • Led the launch of a new business unit for a large corporation in new markets worldwide, achieved over $ 20 million revenue in two years.
  • Broad exposure from product design, production, logistics to sales and customer services.
  • Set up new operations in Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and China.
  • Managed cross-cultural teams and projects in Asia, Europe, Mexico, USA and Canada.